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Pastel Colored Dreams & Human Flavored Dreams


The very best of Vincent V. Cava!   Pastel Colored Dreams & Human Flavored Nightmares features some of Cava's most popular short stories as well as previously unpublished work.  From Neptune's Fancy to A Favor for A Favor, this anthology is chock-full of creepy tales, ripped straight from the mind of the Dark Scribe himself, and printed for your entertainment.  


Just A Little Terrible

Just a little…Haunting – These tomes of terror will stay with you long after you put your book down and go to bed for the evening.

Just a little…Unique – These aren’t your standard horror stories. Don’t think this collection will include tales of haunted mansions, or blood sucking vampires.

Just a little…Frightening – Prepare yourself for some of the most chilling flash fiction ever penned. 

Just A Little…Terrible

Creepypasta: The Comic

Two terrifying stories, inspired by Internet horror!  This 56 page full-color, graphic novel harkens back to the pulp horror comics of yesteryear, but is told with a modern edge.


Written by Vincent V. Cava and Mr. Creepypasta, this is one horror comic you'll want to get your hands on.

Dead Connection


Reader beware!

The stories that lurk within the pages of this book will have you cowering under the covers in fear, praying that the shadows shifting underneath your closet door are nothing more than an optical illusion. Delve into the depraved minds of horror's newest authors in this chilling collection of tales.

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